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Bhubaneswar Development Authority
BDA was established on September 1, 1983 with the objective of taking up planned and systematic development of Bhubaneswar and adjoining region. Bhubaneswar Development Authority, the agency created to promote and look after the construction activities of the Capital city. Since its inception, Bhubaneswar Development Authority has been undertaking endeavors to promote and secure its planned development. Besides providing homes to thousands of people in the city, the authority plays a significant role in preparing the plan, policies, and proposals for undertaking the orderly yet rapidly development of the city. The special drives of BDA to make our capital city clean, green and beautiful deserve special appreciation.
Cuttack Development Authority
The Cuttack Development Authority has been constituted vide Housing and Urban Development Department Notification No: 37634/HUD, dated 31.08.1983 under the provisions of the Odisha Development Authorities Act, 1982 w.e.f. 01.09.1983.
Puri Konark Development Authority
After being carved out from erstwhile Bhubaneswar Regional Improvement Trust, Puri Konark Regional Improvement Trust (P.K.R.I.T.) became a separate entity and started functioning since Sept'82 having the jurisdiction of Puri Master Plan area and the areas in between Puri & Konark, with an objective of enforcement of Odisha Town Planning and Improvement Trust Act 1956 . Subsequently, by a notification of Govt. in H.&U.D. Deptt.the Odisha Development Authority Act has been re-enforced over the earlier areas superseding the O.T.P. & I.T.Act.1956, during the year 1997 and thus, Puri Konark Development Authority come in to being on 1.4.1997.
Kalinga Nagar Development Authority
Kalinga Nagar Development Authority is coming under Jajpur Districts of Odisha. The Kalinga Nagar Industrial Complex is integrally related to the vision of a resurgent Odisha. The idea took shape in the early 90s, concurrently with several other initiatives that followed the much-awaited economic liberalization. The Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation of Odisha (IDCO) was entrusted with the task of developing infrastructure facilities in Kalinga Nagar to facilitate the growth of industries in the area. As per the draft of a master plan, for Kalinga Nagar released in 2006 about 10-lakh hectares land would be acquired by the Government, gradually and in different phases for the development of the area. In addition, it was decided to shift the District Industries Centre (DIC) from Jajpur to Kalinga Nagar and establish Kalinga Nagar Development Authority.
Rourkela Development Authority
The major activity of this Rourkela Development Authority is to implement Odisha Development Authority Act-1982 for planned growth of the city. It prepares master plan for the development of Rourkela, Rajgangapur, Biramitrapur & Sundergarh. Besides, it helps for the all round socio-economic development of the people staying within its jurisdiction.
Berhampur Development Authority
Berhampur has many surprises up its sleeves. An important commercial center of Odisha, Berhampur is also famous for its silk variety and quality. Easily accessible by road and rail, tours to Berhampur serve as a gateway to visit the other tourist attractions in the Ganjam district of Odisha.
Sambalpur Development Authority
Sambalpur Development Authority was carved out from erstwhile Sambalpur Regional Improvement Trust in the year 1995 constituted under the Odisha Development Authority Act 1982, covering the area of three urban bodies i.e. Sambalpur, Burla and Hirakud. The main objective of the Authority is to take up planned and systematic development of its area. The function of SDA also includes regulating the development and use of land including private land and undertaking schemes for improvement and clearance of slums and development programme.
Talcher Angul Development Authority
Angul, situated at the heart of the Odisha is an integral part of the state contributing towards the rich culture, tradition and socio-economic development of the state of Odisha. Angul is like a bridge between western and coastal areas of Odisha where the prehistoric and protohistoric relics are found in village Bhimakund, Kankili, Kulei, Samal, Sanakerjang , Kaliakata, Paranga, Kerjang, Ogi, Tikarapara and Pallahara. TAMRIT (Talcher-Angul-Meramandali Regional Improvement Trust) has consituted w.e.f. dt. 1.7.83 vides Notification No. 27404 HUD dt.28.06.83 and TADA come into existence w.e.f. 1.9.95 as per Notification No.29089/HUD dt.28.8.1995.
Paradeep Development Authority
The Paradeep Development Authority has been constituted vide Govt. Housing & Urban Development Dept. Notification No. 2595/ HUD. dt. 07.11.2005 with headquarter at Paradeep. The aims of P.D.A. is to help the people coming under its jurisdiction in raising their standard of living and social status through execution of various sorts of developmental schemes such as site & services scheme in which plots will be delivered to deserving and needy applicants, market complex or shopping complex schemes in which shop rooms will be rendered to deserving and needy applicants. The objective of this organization is to ensure that housing construction in the master plan area of Paradeep Development Authority is being carried out as per guidelines of the O.D.A., Act 1982 Planning & Regulation Standard.